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LA Weekly names 'Garden' album of the week (and other press)

“It’s disarming, the way that she hypnotizes with her voice and, yes, production, before tearing out your heart with her lyrics.” LA Weekly

“Do I like it because it's swathed in a synth-filled musical cocoon? Yes, but I also love the hopefulness here.” Refinery 29

“Since her 2015 breakout LP, Bright White Trims, Charlee Remitz has been delivering alt-pop songs of sadness and self-fulfillment.” – Alternative Press "A synth-pop feminist anthem for the next decade, 'Pretty Genius' is a light shining for those going through similar dark moments, inspiring them to find the undeniable glow inside of themselves." - Hollywood Life

“[Pretty Genius] has a unique relaxed, organic feel to it. She tells her story in a stream of consciousness with her voice floating over ethereal synths and you may want to listen forever.” – GlamGlare “US frontwoman takes her euphoric cues from Christine & The Queens with this sweeping alt-pop delight” Mystic Sons

“Charlee Remitz is a rising star on the Los Angeles alt-pop scene. Her enigmatically ambient sound is the perfect vehicle for the emotive musings that characterise Remitz’ bold songwriting.” – Purple Melon



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