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Realistically I believe myself to be mundane. Tired. Obsessive and anxious. Always working exhaustively for something that seems so far out of reach. I discourage easily. I’m emotional, doubtful, incredibly human, and incredibly fearful. I fall victim to my own mind. But creatively, I believe myself to have wings. I see them spread for miles, always out doing themselves, never slowing down, never giving up. They’re beautiful. White. Glorious. True works of art.


Working creatively has enriched my body and nurtured my soul. As a musician, I strive to create with both parts of who I am because I believe that process to be the most powerful and moving. Writing music, for me, is the truest form of expression. I don’t feel pressured by the external world, I feel free and open, encouraged and imaginative. I don’t feel silenced by the negativity and expectations of my surroundings. Music gives me the perfect platform for my voice. With it, I am heard and recognized by my audience and by my self.


I know that the future is fear-based. I live too much in its enigmatic arms. I also know that the ego and soul are hard to distinguish. I regularly entertain the thoughts of my ego and ignore that of my soul. For me, music is remedial. The more I heal through music, the more that I can feel my ego waning. With each creative stroke I become more present.


My goal is to write music that is true and consistent with others. I hope that while I write from the very core of myself, listeners will be able to develop their own wings. I know that internal warfare is an important part of each person’s emotional growth. Regardless of the dosage, it’s messy. I hope to connect with each and every person that my music finds and to help them realize their dreams. The parts of me that I choose to share with you are yours to keep.

With Love,

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